Majestic picture of a human using Cursor.

Founding Design Engineer

Anysphere. San Francisco, United States.


  • We're building the future of coding, starting with an AI-first code editor: Cursor.
  • We're growing fast, and currently have on the order of tens of thousands of daily active users.
  • Our lead investor is the OpenAI Fund.
  • Our team of five includes IMO gold medalists, deep learning researchers, YC founders, and creators of popular programming competitions.
  • We're in-person on Octavia St near Hayes St, in San Francisco.
  • Our most recent obsessions:
    • Context building: how do we make an AI that can answer any question you have, just as well as the best programmer on your team?
    • User interaction: how do we make it feel really good to interface with the AI, while preserving what programmers love the most — flow?
    • Magic: how do we bring out the magic of AI?
    • Parallelism: what does it look like when — to achieve true 10x productivity — humans will need to code in parallel, controlling an army of agents?


Product design is mission critical to what we do.

To us, designing the best possible product isn't just about aesthetics. It's about the feeling when you use it. We're building a tool that most of our users use for 8+ hours every day. We care about the full experience, and every little detail matters.

Integrating new, powerful AIs into programming workflows will require considerable UI/UX innovation. We're excited to bring on a founding design engineer to create this future with us.

You will:

  • Lead design.
  • Ship fast and care about craft.
  • Implement interactions and animations using web technologies.
  • Experiment with a completely new UI/UX paradigm: how to interact with AI.


Email us at, or DM any of us — Michael, Arvid, Sualeh, or Aman. We'd love to hear from you, even if you feel that you may not meet every single requirement.