Majestic picture of a human using Cursor.

Founding Engineer

Anysphere. San Francisco, United States.


  • We're building the future of coding, starting with an AI-first code editor: Cursor.
  • Our small team includes IMO gold medalists, deep learning researchers, YC founders, and creators of popular programming competitions.
  • We're growing fast.
  • Our lead investor is the OpenAI Fund.
  • We're in-person on Octavia St near Hayes St, in San Francisco.


As programmers, we use Cursor as our daily driver. Building a product fundamentally useful for ourselves is thrilling.

Integrating AI with coding comes with many challenges. It comes with new paradigms and requires new ideas. Some of our work is in getting the very smartest models to be even smarter through loops and tools. Some of our work is in training really fast, finetuned models for specific workflows (intent prediction, reranking). And some of our work is in high-quality and high-velocity product engineering.

You will:

  • Ship fast.
  • Be agentic.
  • Solve these problems.
  • Have genius insights about the future of coding.


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